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Why should your business consider adding a Wellness Program? Two reasons: reduced healthcare expenses and employee satisfaction.

The U.S. healthcare system is transitioning from “fixing” people when they’re sick to preventative health and diagnostic treatments.

With healthcare costs escalating and coverage set to change with Obama care, businesses are more interested in helping their employees stay well, be more productive, and miss less days due to illness.

A wellness program focuses on healthy eating habits, active lifestyles, stress management, and a healthy workplace.

Wellness programs are effective. Check out these statistics from “The Wellness Movement”, an Aflac Workforces Report. In a review of 42 published studies of worksite wellness programs, the following was noted:

  • Participants had an average of 28% reduction in sick days.
  • Participants reduced their health costs by an average of 26%.
  • There was an average of 30% reduction in workers’ comp and disability claims.
  • There was an average $5.93 to $1.00 savings to cost ratio.
  • 92% of companies agree a wellness program is effective.

More than just ROI (return on investment), wellness programs influence employee satisfaction. Workers who participate feel significantly more satisfied with their job, feel positively about their employer, and consider their well-being better protected.

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